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Why Fried Fish Forex?

First, We Have REAL Fans

(Hundred of Thousands Fans Can't Be Wrong Right?)

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With Hundreds of REAL Testimonials

Yes, HUNDREDS of REAL Testimonials!

Our testimonials are real and we have hundreds of them. Find out yourself by checking out our Facebook page. You need to be logged into Facebook to see it. Click on the image above to see the hundreds of testimonials on our facebook page.

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Happy Fans Because of Our Money Making Results!

(Our MyFxBook)

All results are 100% real and verified by third party myfxbook!

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How Does the Premium Trade Copier Work?

A trade copier service allow you to copy my trades on your MT4 platform. Once connected, you do not even need to keep your computer on.

Step 1 - You will connect your MT4 trading platform to mine.

Step 2 - You will set your money management policy (lot size).

Step 3 - All trades that I open, close or modified will be copied to your account.

Step 4 - Profit!

The easiest way to make money through forex trading is to copy a successful trader!

The Secret to Our Success

We Don't Give You the Fish, We Don't Teach You How to Fish, We Cook the Fish for You to Enjoy

Best Forex Trader We will make sure you make money!

I Only Trade High Quality Trades

I strive for quality instead of quantity. I carefully pick my trades. I analyze and only pick trades with really high winning chances. This does two things, it simplify trading and it gives you the highest chances to profit..Past Performance

Forex Robot? Forex Robots Do Not Work

Fried Fish Forex vs. Robots

Fully automated money making machines? If these robots are that great, why aren't money managers, banks and reputable trading firms using them? Why do we even need human traders anymore? Human intelligence is still the best in predicting and analyzing the market. I make all my trade analysis myself with my own formula. This has a way better chance of winning because it takes into account the current environment.

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Made for Newbies!

If you are a newbie and have no idea how to trade. This is a no-brainer. All you need to do is connect your account to mine and you'll be able to copy all my trades. You don't even have to be on your computer. It is fully automated execution by our premium Trader Replicator program. Just log into your metatrader and see profit. It's that easy.

Signal via email & SMS Real Time Signal Delivery

Support All Metatrader(MT4) Broker

It doesn't matter which broker you are with. As long as it is a MT4 broker, it can connect to my account. I use the best VPS server for connection. Making sure execution are precise. You are able to control how much you want to put in for each trades. Best thing is you don't even need to keep your computer on once connected.

24 Hours Support

No Installation 3-click Setup

There's no additional download or installation needed. It only takes 3 clicks to connect! Once connected, there's no need to keep your computer running. Simple as that!

Quality Customer Service Quality Customer Support

24 Hours Customer Support

We do not just leave you after you sign up. Full 24-hour customer support to guide you if you need any help.

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Cancel Anytime. No Long Term Contract.

No Long Term Contract!

You can cancel anytime if it doesn't work out for you. The reason we offer you this is because we know you will be happy with our service and will continue on for months and months.

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